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We gathered for the celebration of the successful year behind us. We passed by Delta Holding in order to get to mirabank, where our financial assets were.

Coba was thinking whether Carneval is “The One” spot where we would spend our evening, when the admiration with Milena’s Jelena Stefanović dress interrupted us. Srda showed up wearing the Designed T-shirt and asked whether she could bring along her dogs that were in celebration mood, thanks to Marlo.

Tamara’s curly hair reminded Milos of Panona pasta spirals and Valentina’s purse was as sweet as a Dream of Cookies. The ease with which we were making our plans made us realize that Synergy Talents coaching made a lot of sense. Still, Anja made it clear that she will only go where Quantum Music is played, and Dusan was already full because he secretly ate the whole jar of Little Blue Pot jam.

While Ana was enjoying the New Year’s decorations that magically sparkled around us in the streets, Nikola was wondering how much had ICCE contributed to this fairytale atmosphere. Ceca just read us the Christmas card that she just got from Saari from Nigeria’s Eko Atlantic in which he regrets not being able to be with us tonight.

We got in the ŠKODA Superb with driver waiting, because we decided to spend the night with award winning Rakia bar’s latest rakias, Carsko and Kaš.